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The religions of Urf range far and wide across the lands. One religion appears to coalesce and dominate as a major, worldwide religion, smaller religions, however, seem to limit themselves geographically or ethnically, due to smaller numbers of followers and cultural ties. These minor religions often tend to be specific to minority species or ethnic groups and cultures, as opposed to the major religions that pride themselves on having followers from all walks of life.

Each religion has its own set of beliefs, rules and ways of life; along with their own Gods, Patrons and Legends.

Gods are divine beings that exist both inside and outside of creation. Gods in their true form exist in their plane of origin, but most have the ability to create an avatar of themselves, maybe even several, on other planes; although, usually, Gods only maintain one true avatar. Some Gods are more powerful than others. The most powerful Gods are called "Omnideities," there are only two known Omnideities: Yahana and Hanubos. The only other creature of equal, perhaps even greater divine strength than both of these, is known as the God Stealer. Then, there are five other types of Gods: Grand, Greater, Intermediate, Lesser and Petty. Each type of God has power relative to its type.

A Patron is similar to a God in many ways but one, they are not recognised as Deities. Many patrons have obtained their power for a wide variety of reasons, some by achieving noble and saintly feats during their life; while others use deception and intrigue, or violence and force to steal or manipulate forces granting them immense power. Most patrons have been gifted with immortality of some sort, although this is not always the case. They often exist on different planes. Some patrons levels of power extend so far that they are somewhat of a God themselves, maybe even on par with, or stronger than a God. These beings are known as Demigods. Most patrons have myths and legends accompanying them, that can range from a multitude of different things. Some are fierce warriors of a religious pantheon, noted for their devotion and bravery. Some legends are mythical beasts or monsters that are said to walk the Urf or inhabit other planes. Other legends speak not of patrons or beings, but of lost items that were used long ago. Many critics theorise that many of these legends of mystical items or powerful beings are indeed just myth, however, others argue that there is always an element of truth behind each legend.

Dominant Religion

Other Religions, Cults and Sects

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