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Political Map of Urf

Map (1).jpg
  • Dark Green - The Reformed Green Legion. (Majority Orc, Goblinoid, Giantoid, Birdfolk, Animalfolk).

  • Grey - The United Isles. (Majority Human).

  • Yellow - The Grand Caliphate of Alhambra. (Majority Human and Red Elves).

  • Purple - The Alt-Uwae Tsardom. (Majority High Elves and Yellow Elves).

  • Red - The Empire of Bridland (Majority Human).

  • Blue - The Northern State (Majority Halfling, Goliath, Gnome and White Elves).

  • Light Green - The Sylvan Federation (Majority Green Elves).

  • Brown - The Axis of Axia (Majority Dwarfs, Grey Elves and White Elves).

  • White - The Free Island of Paxon (Majority Human).

  • Orange - The Marshwood Confederacy (Majority Snakefolk, Frogfolk and Reptilian).

  • Oceans - The Oceanic Empire (Majority Tritons and Blue Elves).

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