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Draconic is described as being a religion that predates all humanoid civilisations. Once the known world was ruled by these terrifying beasts, in what was known as the "Age of Flames." This age is often referred to as the First Age or the First Era. Draconic is characterised by its unique language, with some critics attributing the religion to be more of a culture and a way of life than an actual religion. Regardless, Draconic is one of, if not THE oldest religion known to Urf. Few humanoid races have adopted the religion, with those who have, often coming under scrutiny and becoming victims of extreme prejudice, described as race traitors for worshipping Dragonkind. Races with dragon ancestry and biological similarities to these terrifying lizards often maintain some sense of bond with Draconic tradition.

Splinter religions, that have origins within Draconic have become very popular amongst races with Dragon ancestry. Kobolds, however, seem to maintain their Draconic beliefs.


Many races with dragon heritage and links to the Draconic religions are often looked down upon throughout the world. Many cite the old wars, which saw humanoids unite against their serpentlike oppressors, overthrowing their rule and establishing the Age of Man.

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