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Cain Everwinter

Status: Alive.
Type: Player Character.
Player: Ian Whale.
Other Names/Aliases: Cain Bowborn.
Race: Winged Hanubon.
Class: Bard, College of Lore.
Age: 21.
Date of Birth: Foredas, 1st of Munayar, Hayfest, 25Y-7E.
Height: 6' 2".

Skin Colour: Devil Red.
Hair Colour: Coal Black, with White Snowdrop flowers, intertwined.
Eye Colour: Void Black.
Birthplace: Castle Woodfrost, Sylvan Federation.
Lives: Castle Woodfrost, Sylvan Federation.
Occupation: "Entertainer."
Father: "Unknown," Demon.
Mother: "Clara Woodfrost, Wood Elf."
Partner: Multiple. Most notably, Jacqui Le Frogg.
Children: Unknown.
Siblings: Sister, Lia "Woodfrost, Wood Elf."
Appearances: Royal Geotractors.
Religion: Elvish.
God(s): Sehanine Moonbow & Rillifane Rallathil.


The story that Cain introduces himself with goes a little something like this, its validity can be neither confirmed or denied.
He spent his early life living at his home in Castle
 Woodfrost, a small castle keep with nought but a small sprinkling of hamlets surrounding its perimeter, situated deep in the heart of the thick, Sylvan Jungle. It is here, Cain calls home. He was born to a peasant woman that goes by the name, Clara Woodfrost. Cain was never told much about his father, with his mother preferring to remain quiet regarding the matter. What she did tell him, was that he was a foul demon named Hector Shaw. Hector deceived his mother, into an intimate relationship, for reasons yet unknown. Although it was likely motivated through sheer lust, which is perhaps why Cain shares such a deviant mind.


Clara must not have had much luck with men, as she had also shared information about her broken relationship with the father of Cains sister, Lia Woodfrost, who was just a little older than Cain. He was another cruel and scheming man, that betrayed Clara. Therefore, she ran away with Lia.


Cain's early career saw him spending time with his sister more and more, as his mother became withdrawn and silent, almost hostile towards him. He never knew why. Unfortunately, it became clear to Cain in his early life, that Lia was sick, both mentally and physically. She often flew into fits of rage, so much so that she accidentally caught Cain in the crossfire, scarring his right-wing permanently. As his mother grew evermore distant and neglectful, he had to step in to look after his beloved sister. He fancied himself as an aspiring musician and put his talents to work in the local bars, performing for loose change and tips. This busking managed to gain him the attention of Duchess Eleanor Everwinter of Castle Woodfrost, the ruler of the keep. She hired Cain for his talents, where he gained fame as an up and coming local star. Cain was grateful to the Duchess as he knew this recognition likely saved his sister's life. 


Using his newly found influence, Cain managed to gather interest in local politics, aspiring to turn himself from a local celebrity to a local businessman or even politician! This dream never came to fruition, however, as he was cast out of Duchess Eleanor Everwinter's court, losing his contract as her personal musician. And thus, Cain plucked up the courage to set off on an adventure to find the legendary Fasciculous Potion, which he insists is needed to cure his sister, although many suggest that this statement is grossly incorrect, perhaps even falsely fabricated by Cain to disguise his true identity...


Activities with the Royal Geotractors

Cain set off on his adventure. He found himself sat calmly, finishing his flagon of ale at an inn on the outskirts of Sylvestril. The fellow that he had been drinking with had passed out from excessive alcohol and substance consumption at this point, so Cain did what he did best. He met eyes with the beckoning women that he had offered a large sum of money to in exchange for pleasurable company. He looked forward to his evening, knowing nothing about the unfortunate day he would have next...

Cain awoke next to the lady friend he had the pleasure of accompanying home last night. Groggy, grimy, yet gleeful, Cain washed up and dressed for his day, swiping back the money he had given the woman the night before on his way out of the door. Walking through the jungle roads, Cain was ambushed by a group of bandits, who saw this opportunity to rob him blind, of both his money and dignity by capturing him and shipping him off to Slavers' Bay. It is here, that Cain became one of seven original members of the Fighting Pit Squadron: Royal Geotractors, along with Jacqui Le Frogg, Zihu Deathwalker, Ig Nite, Valok of Gilnea, "Azoth" and Elyra Shatril. During this time, it became clear that Azoth was, in fact, a Changeling named Jin. Working together with his new found friends, the group managed to win the tournament, and with the help of Jacqui, and managed to escape. Jacqui then informed them that he will need a favour in future and that he would be in touch.

During the next year, Cain celebrated his regained freedom by carousing at bars all over the Continent of Euravia, enjoying the company of both men and women alike. His drunken days and naughty nights were rudely interrupted however, with Paul the Pixie Postman arriving at his then lodging, with a note from Jacqui, asking him to venture to the Three-Eyed Toad Inn, to aid him in starting the independence movement for Bog Bay, and releasing the region from the grasp of the Yuan-Ti lead Serpentine Collective, that had conquered the entire Continent of Marshwood nearly two decades ago.

Cain stayed true to his word, and upon arriving, reunited with the other members of Royal Geotractors, except for Zihu Deathwalker, who had returned to his position amongst Yuan-Ti society. The group was joined by two new members, strange and elusive. These members introduced themselves as Aaron Flynn and Hanner Everwood, Han for short. After a quick catch up, the party was joined by Jacqui, who suggested that the first step in freeing Bog Bay, was to take down the local mobster that was pulling the strings in Bog Bay... Vito Calzonne, a.k.a. The Frogfather. It was during this first night, that Cain discovered his deep and intense attraction for Jacqui. And so, he took the chance, managing to seduce the slick Bullywug, and forging the beginning of a long and awfully intimate relationship with Jacqui.

A brief brawl occurred between the party and some drunken soldiers, leading to unintentional death. The party set out to inform the local government, in an attempt to pay reparations to the families of the deceased soldiers. This led to Valok nearly being executed at the hands of Colonel Randal Wetinwater of the Serpentine Collective. Although, after some deliberation and a brief argument between Valok and Cain, the party managed to pull off a hasty and lucky escape. The party returned to the Inn, finding it had burnt down by the Frogfather, along with some of the patrons they had conversed with the night before.

The following day, the party embarked to a drug manufacturing facility, where it was rumoured that Emmile Departe, the Frogfather's second-in-command, was stationed. The group successfully intervened in the operation, dispatching Emmile, although at great cost, losing Valok in the process. It is here that Hox joined the party, a young draconic child, whom Valok had spoken highly of. Cain and Hox never truly saw eye-to-eye, with Hox being somewhat repulsed by Cain and his sexual deviancy. Regardless of this, the pair put their differences aside, managing to play the part in bringing about the successful downfall of the Frogfather, seeing him murdered, having managed to see the rival gang of the Slitherpool Rattlers also entirely wiped out at the same time!

Following the defeat of the Frogfather, Cain chose to celebrate with the party, spending his time mainly romping with Jacqui. It is also in these final days, that Cain encountered the being known as "Shae." After the being had attacked multiple party members who had been fiddling with her book, the Tome of Foresight, Cain decided to take part in the seance to finally speak to the being directly. Following the seance, Ig Nite and Hox returned, sharing the discovery of the second, similar book. The books were deposited into Ig Nite's bag of holding for safe keeping. And so, the party departed Bog Bay, receiving thanks from Jacqui and the local Lord Scaletongue, who had been acting as Jacqui's second-in-command. Cain gave Jacqui one last tumble and then set off.

The first day on the road to Scalem, where a boat had been stationed for the party to embark on, saw Jin sucked into a void portal. Thinking nothing of this, the party encountered a village, which was quickly desolated in their wake, to this day the person who caused this event is still disputed. It is after this, that the party encountered a girl named Hannah, who had been subjected to what was described by Hayden Bullock, whom the party had encountered along the way, as a parasitic creature, known as the Shining Slime. This creature inhabits a host body, usually a small child, and takes control of their bodily functions, turning them into what is known as a Shining Child. Cain and the others managed to save Hannah although seeing Elyra receive a nasty injury in the process, this was rectified soon after at a hospital in Scalem.

Setting sail to Pigsmole School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, Cain oversaw Ig Nite and Hannah's successful attempts at enrolling at the school, with Cain feeling a sibling-like connection to Hannah, as she reminded him of his sister Lia. The party then parted ways with Hayden shortly after, being given two scrolls of teleportation. Hox used his scroll, allowing the party to travel to Gilnea, performing a burial for Valok. Elyra then teleported the party to her home town of Murkwell, where she reunited with her family friend Samuel. The party helped with some odd jobs around Murkwell. Horrifyingly, it was on these jobs, that Cain lost his comrade, Hox, after he had attempted to intervene in a fight between Shae and Aaron, getting himself disintegrated by the ghostly sorceress. Han and Aaron saw themselves fly into a bloody fight after the death of Hox, with Han crushing Aaron's orbital, and sending him away from the party. Han then revealed that he was not originally from this plane of reality! The further loss came when Jin was immolated by an Adult Red Dragon. Following which, he and his remaining friends went with Elyra to her mother's house to unwind. Cain successfully resisted the urge to seduce Ida, Elyra's mother, however, he hadn't been so lucky fighting the urge to get revenge against the farmer who had provided lacking information in regards to the Ogres in the swamp that Jin had died in. Cain felt a sickening sense of anger towards this farmer for the lack of Adult Red Dragon being mentioned in the contract. Cain may or may not have burnt his farm down, with his family still inside the farmhouse, much to the dismay of Han and Ig Nite... The following day, the city of Murkwell hosted a sponsored funeral ceremony for Jin and Hox in honour of their work for the city, and in honour of Elyra.

Ig Nite then invited Cain and the rest of the party back to his house in Genacity, for his joint birthday party, with his two sisters In Flux and In Grain, his mother In Ferno and for their family friends' daughter Angela. The party was offered a free ride on a Murkcoach by Earl Richard Neville as one final reward. On the road, the party met a small Goblinoid child, that introduced himself as Twig. He was quickly adopted into the party, with Cain being one of the few people able to communicate with the small goblin. This ability to communicate did not translate into friendship, however, with Twig and Cain coming to odds with one another. Twig reminded Cain of Hox, with his attitude and appetite for causing trouble for various members of the party. Cain and Twig even shared hostility, when Twig managed to find out that Cain wasn't actually whom he was claiming to be... Twig chose to keep this to himself, however. Although this didn't mend the burnt bridges between the pair.

Arriving at the party, Cain met the Heroes of the Hallowing, along with other famous figures, such as Koko Blaa, Keros Necora, Slim and Hayden Bullock, whom he had met on the Continent of Marshwood. Cain was particularly enamoured by the legendary bard Snow, whom he got to sign his lute that Lia had gifted to him. It is here, that Han and Aaron saw their untimely departure, after a bloody battle between multiple versions of Aaron, resulting in Han murdering the version the party had come to know, before being whisked off through a portal that it is assumed leads back to their home plane.

Following this, John of Towerton, the famous Hero of the Hallowing, burst through the doors to the feast hall, wheezing and panting, before passing out. Eddie Learn and Snow calmed the crowd, indicating that Pirate Aaron would be taken by Hayden Bullock's unicorn and Eddie's Hawk to a more fitting area, while Snow reassured the party that John was still alive. These stressful events, led Ig Noble, the head of the Ig/In family, to postpone the celebrations due to the circumstances until the following evening. The sisters In Grain and In Flux, however, had other ideas, inviting the guests on a night out in Genacity to a local pub/club known as the Merchants Rest. It is here, that Cain attempted to 'woo' the sisters, failing miserably however after losing to Ig Nite in a makeshift boxing match. Instead, Cain found the company of a Fire Genasi man, from whom he contracted an STI. Elyra later cured Cain of this however. 

The following morning, Cain and the rest of the party took Ig Nite and Angela Learn out for the day, in order to allow the other guests to decorate for the party once more. It is on this journey, that Cain helped a Water Genasi woman named Di Lute, rid her toy store of a possessed doll, along with freeing a large assortment of slaves from captivity.

Returning to the mansion, the party surprised Angela and Ig Nite, and presented Ig Nite with an ensemble of food, music and gifts. This exciting time was rudely interrupted, however, with a Water Genasi Man that seemed to have had a run in with the Ig/In family before, slaughtering General J. T. Kirk and John of Towerton, whilst the rest of the party were drugged, stripped of their items and dressed in prison attire. The Water Genasi, now known as Aq Ueous, then kidnapped the following people: Edward Learn, Angela Learn, Joe Scotchson, Ig Noble, In Ferno, Grimm Everwood, Snow-On-The-Hilltops-Of-The-Distant-Trees, Chippy and the corpses of Kirk and John. Further violence was seen, with particular emphasis aimed at the In Sisters and Ig Nite, Elyra and Keros. Finally, Aq Ueous set the mansion ablaze with the rest of the partygoers locked inside, bound to their fiery fate...


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