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Anto has been the worlds largest religion ever since Urf was but a soup of primordial molten rock and gas. No records of its founder exist, many believe that it was created by Yahana incarnate. Anto has spread to almost every corner of the known world as the most dominant religion, followed by most races and ethnicities. Most countries, cities and towns around the world have some sort of connection to Anto. Many shrines and temples dot the map, with different Gods having temples halfway across the world. Many scholars, believers and preachers of Anto follow one particular God from the religion, however, there are some that pray to multiple Gods of Anto for their divine blessings. Teachings of Anto suggest that the world is in perfect balance between good and evil, creating a truly neutral order of life.

Gods of Anto

Yahana - Goddess of Life, Light, Heaven & Healing

Hanubos - God of Death, Darkness, Hell and Suffering

Ralux - God of the Sul, Muna and Stars

Terranatris - Goddess of Urf, Nature and Agriculture

Zenyx - Goddess of the Void and Space

Hathol - Goddess of Music, Magic and Knowledge

Nulhonour - God of Justice, Honour and Order

Nupax - God of Time, Peace and Neutrality

Climanatra - Goddess of Weather, Air and Water

Krairsogomo - God of War and Tradition

Ravuva - Goddess of Hate, Fire and Pain

Lenathen - Goddess of Construction, Progress and Unity 

Janus - God of Courage, Luck, Loyalty and Truth

Okua - God of Espionage and Trickery

Pandevas - God of Love and Beauty

Polishames - God of Trade and Travel

Patrons of Anto

Elder Smith
Shae Qin
Priest Hanu of Hallow Peak
Ig Neous
Erdan Nailo
The God Stealer
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