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Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Urf

DISCLAIMER: This website is an encyclopedia detailing events, creatures and lore for my universe that was created with the sole purpose of being enjoyed as a tabletop RPG, but will also act as a hub for information referenced in any other works created inside the same fantasy universe. It was inspired by various works of fiction, games, books and movies, including but not limited to, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Witcher, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls. Any and all pages found on this site are written in character, but have been edited as not to violate copyright laws and existing trademarks.

Current Campaigns

Royal Geotractors

In Game Date: ?? 50Y-7E

Next Session: ??

Wardens of the Hallow: Cats

​In Game Date: Foredas 21st Oldyar Hayfest 49Y-7E

Next Session: 17:30-22:00 Thursday 14th March 2019

Wardens of the Hallow: Griffins

In Game Date: Middas 25th Edayar Dael 47Y-7E

Next Session: ??

Wardens of the Hallow: Vipers

​In Game Date: Paradas 17th Yahanyar Dael 47Y-7E

Next Session: ??

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